Hard Water Is Harmful to Skin, Hair and Appliances

You can soften it with a whole-house water conditioner in Springfield, Champaign & Decatur, IL

Your water goes through a lot before it reaches your shower, sink or washer. It can pick up deposits of magnesium and calcium along the way. These minerals can negatively impact your appliances, skin and hair. A whole-house water conditioner from Aerus can solve the problem. Our systems design helps eliminate hard water in Springfield, Champaign & Decatur, IL homes.

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Getting softer water pays off

Getting softer water pays off

Softening your water can make a positive difference in multiple ways. It can extend the life of your appliances and protect your possessions. It's helpful to get a whole-home water conditioner if you've noticed:

  • Your skin is breaking out because of irritants
  • Your laundry is beginning to fade after washes
  • Your energy bills are unusually high
  • Your appliances need frequent repairs
  • Your tap water tastes bad
These problems are often caused by hard water. A whole-house water conditioner might be the answer you've been searching for. Meet with an expert in Springfield, Champaign or Decatur, IL today.