Public Water Filtration Systems Don't Do Enough

You need home water purification systems in Champaign or Springfield, IL

Clean water isn't a privilege -it's a necessity. While city filtration systems can remove some toxins, they often fail to remove certain chemicals and minerals. In fact, public water can contain up to 20% of a person's lead exposure. You can keep your water clean with help from Aerus of Champaign or Springfield, IL. We've been installing top-quality air and water purification systems since 1924.


Your water may cause a health risk

Did you know that the EPA only monitors 30 contaminants in public water? Plus, 10% of Americans get water from wells that are completely unregulated. This leaves a lot of room for contaminants to get into the average homeowner's water. The best way to look out for your health and your appliances is to filter your water.

You can count on us to install your:

Whole-home water conditioner
Water filtration system
Reverse osmosis system

We can even install a top-quality air purifier to remove allergens and toxins from your indoor air. Discuss the benefits of air and water filtration with our knowledgeable team now. You can contact us by calling 217-352-0040 to reach our Champaign location or 217-793-8144 to reach our Springfield location.

Choose a top-of-the-line water filter

There's a reason that so many homeowners in Champaign and Springfield, IL turn to us for air and water purification systems. Our proprietary ActivePure system is so effective and innovative that it's in the Space Technology Hall of Fame. Our revolutionary water filtration techniques produce water that tastes better and is better for you.

Consult an air and water quality expert from our team today. You'll get in-home testing to identify issues before we install any equipment.