Making Clean Water Convenient

Look into an Origins Reverse Osmosis RO400 system in Springfield or Champaign, IL

You should always feel confident in your water quality. You can when you install an Origins Reverse Osmosis RO400 system from Aerus of Champaign or Springfield, IL. Our team inspects water quality and installs this four-stage filtration system. You'll get a reverse osmosis filter that's powerful enough to remove 97% of dissolved solids as small as 0.01 microns and small enough to fit under any sink.

Call 217-352-0040 to reach our Champaign location or 217-793-8144 to reach our Springfield location now. You can learn more about our innovative purification system.

Enjoy cleaner water

Enjoy cleaner water

When you get an Origins Reverse Osmosis RO400 system, you can enjoy up to 75 gallons of clean water every day. The system includes:

  • A 3.2-gallon tank
  • A classic faucet
  • All necessary hardware
Each reverse osmosis filter in your system can last up to one year before replacement. That means less work and money for you. Make an appointment for an inspection and installation in Champaign or Springfield, IL today.